I also enjoy making beaded jewelry and dainty trinkets. Feel free to browse my works on shopee or instagram!


important note: the provided information on this site is only for illustration commissions. Please don't hesitate to email me for other projects.



✿ Jennya1 bust x3paiddone

September - November

✿ Elijaha1 pet bustpaiddone
✿ Michaelaa1 bustpaiddone
✿ Jareda1 knee uppaiddone
✿ Chrissiemini chibipaiddone
✿ Crystalknee-up x2paiddone
✿ Liana2 chibipaiddone
✿ Joycea2 chibi x3paiddone
✿ Joycea1 bust x2paiddone

June - July Batch

✿Josha1 waistup x2paiddone
✿Danaa1 bustpaiddone
✿Ellamc, chibipaiddone
✿Diannea1 iconpaiddone
✿SJa2 full illuspaiddone
✿Nellaa1 bustpaiddone
✿Xisuea1 bustpaiddone
✿Mitchiea1 waistuppaiddone
✿Juana1 iconpaiddone
✿Jolena1 bustpaiddone
✿Kylaa1 bustpaiddone
✿Viviana1 kneeuppaiddone

April - May Batch

✿Daniela2 full illus x4paiddone
✿Roxymini chibi x3paiddone
✿Lezmini chibi x4paiddone
✿Lucya2 couplepaiddone
✿Maceya1 full bust x1paiddone
✿Melaniea1 waist uppaiddone
✿Taylora1 fb illus x2paiddone
✿Paulabust x2paiddone

March Batch

✿Chantalea2 full illus paiddone
✿Carleea2 chibipaiddone

February Batch

NameComm TypePaymentStatus
✿ Kyla2 mini chibipaiddone
✿ Milaa1 bustpaiddone
✿ Aidaa1 bustpaiddone
✿ Ella C.mc + chibipaiddone

Please read before commissioning~!

✿ Commissions are for personal use only. They can be used for pfps, gifts, social media posts, and print for personal use. If you wish to sell the commissioned artwork, please let me know. My rates are different for commercial use. Email me for a quotation.✿ I reserve the right to post the artwork on my social media accounts and portfolios. You may also state beforehand if you want to keep it private.✿ Full-payment upfront basis. Those who cannot pay yet in full will be put on a waitlist. I accept payments through Paypal, Ko-fi donations, BDO Bank Transfer, and GCash. ✿PHP prices are exclusive to local mode of payment (GCash/BDO).✿ The commission may take 1 to 4 weeks depending on my workload and the batch/ queue you belong to.
You may state a deadline if needed.
✿ Initial sketches are provided and I can accept up to 3 minimal revisions. Any further changes will be charged for $2 each.✿ Please give full credit and don't remove my watermark when works are posted online but I can also provide the commissioned work with no watermark if needed.✿ Final pieces are sent in PNG files through Google Drive.Fell free to ask for more questions,
Thank you ! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ


with free plain/pattern/simple bg
detailed scenery bg starts at $30/ PHP1200


all chibis come with simple bgs
except for full illustration tier

You can also support my art through ko-fi!

DM or email me at [email protected] the following if you wish to push through with the commission.✿ Name:
✿ Commission Type:
✿ Mode of Payment:
✿ # of characters:
✿ Photo Reference/s:
✿ Other preferences:
Please provide a detailed description of your order. This includes the pose and expression of the character, color/pattern/design of the background, added elements, and the like. Please be specific as much as possible to refrain from major revisions.✿ I accept payments through:
Ko-fi donations
BDO Bank Transfer
✿ I will only draw based on the art styles provided.
✿ I can draw real people, humanoid ocs, fanart, pets. landscape/seascape/galaxy backgrounds or any nature-inspired elements.
✿ Final outputs are digitally made and the artwork file will be sent through email.
Feel free to message me for inquiries~! ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°